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December 09, 2011


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You don't have to have ADD for a desk to look like this! I'm a big fan of to-do lists, though if I get so busy I actually have to make one, I know my life is already tilting out of balance. When that does happen, to-do lists help move the clutter from inside my head onto the page, and there I can keep track of it with less stress.

Kathleen Christensen

Priscilla, I love the way you put that: "To-do lists help move the clutter from inside my head onto the page, and there I can keep track of it with less stress." It does feel like that to me. Although sometimes it feels like the things I need to do are flying all over the place, not just inside my head, and putting them on paper keeps them still long enough for me to even see what they all are.

Laurel Kallenbach

I have mountains of papers stacked by topic all over my floor. Does that count? Actually, I think the pace of life and the overwhelming amount of information available at any second are the greatest contributors to my issues.

And To-Do lists are helpful, but if they're too long, I don't get to everything and then am depressed!

Kathleen Christensen

Laurel, stacked by topic sounds great! The papers on the floor of my home office right now are spread out randomly.

Ned Hallowell, a psychiatrist who has ADD and writes about ADD, wrote a book called Crazy Busy, which is all about the fast pace and glut of information these days: http://www.drhallowell.com/crazy-busy/. He coined a term--something like pseudo-ADHD--to desribe the difficulites even non-ADDers can have in today's environment.

I also relate to getting depressed looking at a half-finished to-do list. At some point, I started making myself focus on what I *have* crossed off on my lists, not just on the things I haven't.

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