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November 19, 2011


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It's kind of sad how fired up people get over ADD these days. Despite all of the clinical trials and studies and proof and scientific consensus, a TON of people still think ADHD is "made up" or "the parents' fault".

Now THAT is a Dark Ages mentality, if you ask me.

Great post!

Kathleen Christensen

Pat, beautifully put. I so agree with you!

Pikes Peak Writers

Unfortunately, parents will often feel guilty, whether they chose to medicate or not. You just never know if the other way would have worked out differently, if certain issues would have been spared. It's too bad people have to attack others about it, rather than respecting the decisions of others.

Thank you for stopping by Writing From the Peak!

Kathleen Christensen

Karen, yes, so true and so sad that people often feel guilty about whatever path they choose. We're all doing our best! And can't agree more that we shouldn't attack each other about our different choices. I guess we shouldn't judge or attack ourselves either!

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    Why Call It ADD?

    • The name is so wrong. ADD stands for attention deficit disorder, and ADHD adds an H for hyperactivity. I use the former, since I don't have the H thing.

      But a deficit of attention? I think most of us with ADD would agree we have more like a surplus of attention. And a disorder? That leaves out our strengths.

      Still, I use ADD because it's a widely understood term for a useful concept. When you comment on this site, feel free to use whatever term you're comfortable with.


    • If you have ADD, you’ve probably heard plenty of criticism over the years—including from yourself. Enough of that! Here are my requests to those who comment:

      Don't criticize others, give advice, or speculate on others’ motives.

      Do share your own experience, strength, and hope!

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