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September 02, 2010


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i have some of the more dangerous disabilities too!

Anne Doyle

This is poignant, Kathleen. Thank you.

And I must agree...love is the most potent of all.

All good wishes!

Corinne McKay

Great post Kathleen, thanks! It reminds me of a Thich Nhat Hanh essay called "What's Not Wrong?" about focusing on strengths before weaknesses. Personally I enjoy having ADD friends (whether diagnosed or undiagnosed!!) because they are full of big ideas, big dreams, big laughs, big plans, something those of us non-ADD people don't always feel. I also think it takes a long time to look at your own qualities as strengths rather than as something different from what you really want to be: I've never been petite, and my whole childhood and young adult life, I thought I would give anything to be really skinny. Finally in my 30s I was like, you know what, I ran 2 marathons, gave birth without drugs, trekked in the Himalaya with a 50 pound backpack...it's not so bad not being a waif. But it took that long for me to look at strengths rather than negatives!

Rebecca Robinson

This is very poignant, Kath. I really like your idea of getting an ADD coach to help you out. And especially the part about love!

Kathleen Christensen

Dana, sending my heartfelt best!

Anne and Rebecca, thank you ... and, yes, here's to love!

And go, Corinne--for doing all those things, and for recognizing your strengths! Thanks, also, for your lovely characterization of us ADD types. And for mention of the Thich Nhat Hanh essay. I'm a big fan of his and will look for it.


What exactly is self parenting? I've googled for MINUTES without much information!

Kathleen Christensen

When I think about self-parenting, I think of nurturing yourself, encouraging yourself, taking care of yourself--perhaps in ways your own parents weren't able to. I don't know all that much about inner-child work, but googling that might be interesting. All my best!

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      Still, I use ADD because it's a widely understood term for a useful concept. When you comment on this site, feel free to use whatever term you're comfortable with.


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