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August 20, 2010


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Battlefield reflexes certainly fit my son. If he's in his room and hears a scary noise downstairs at night, he charges down, scared to death but ready to battle. Through misadventure (long story), he ended up in a Halloween Haunted House designed for grownups. When scary monsters jumped out, he didn't pull back, like most people. He charged forward.


This is a great post! Liabilities can always be pluses as long as we look at them properly!!!!!!!

Great to see your face in person at the blogettes meeting. blog on!

Kathleen Christensen

Sharon, that's so interesting about your son! As opposed to fighting or fleeing, I tend to freeze. In Greek mythology, maybe that makes me like Daphne, who got turned into a tree. Which is interesting, since that's the name I chose for one of the protagonists in my novel. She's named after a type of fragrant flower, though (her mom is a gardener), and I didn't even know the myth about Daphne until long after I named my character.


What a wonderful thought! I think of all the people--often women--who have been told they're "too much." Too many feelings, too intense. There's a whole lot of creativity wrapped up in those reactions, and thanks for pointing this out. We have an ADD-ish dog now--very bright, extremely attuned to us and to his surroundings, very quick at figuring out all the human nuances. But oh, those reactions! I think I need to read your posts about parenting next.

Laurel Kallenbach

I haven't read the Percy books, but your excerpt has me titillated...

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