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January 12, 2010


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I can identify!

My reaction though is often a mixture of karma & relief: Karma because I've been on the other side so many times, I feel it's just my turn so suck it up. Relief because it makes me feel better about being a bit -um - flaky at times when I see others being flaky too!

(PS - kudos on getting there by 9:20 anyway!!)

Kathleen Christensen

Thanks, Faryl! And I like your take on all this. Will keep it in mind the next time something similar happens!


I can identify, although my bugaboo is procrastination, not lateness! At the end of the year, I was scrambling to submit insurance claims that had been waiting on my desk for a year or more. I was down to the wire...if the insurance company didn't receive them by the 31st, I wouldn't get reimbursed.

I managed to wade through all the paperwork, gather up all the attachments, and double check all the forms. Then, the insurance company's faxes weren't working! AARGH! I tried faxing all of one evening, getting more and more frustrated and panicky, feeling angry that the insurance company had the gall to make submitting my claim that much harder! I had to remind myself to breathe...I still had a few days...I could send the claim next day air (which I did).

I remind myself every night to be gentle with myself...and with others. My brain is often stuck with my childhood view that everyone else must know what they're doing and have it together, and only I am a mess. Thanks for the reminder that we all have our challenges, and we need to extend a lot of grace to everyone in our lives. (Thanks for the lovely music, too).

Kathleen Christensen

Remembering a morning when I was studying genetic counseling. Had been up very late, maybe all night, finishing a paper. (Mind you, I was in my 30s by then.) Was dressed and ready to catch the bus. Did some last-minute revisions, then tried to print the paper. And the printer started spewing out pages and pages of gibberish. I was so stressed out! (This was pre-email, or at least pre-attachments.) Eventually got it printed. May have had to drive down to school though.

I so appreciate the reminder to be gentle with myself. And I completely relate to the idea that everyone but me is on top of things.

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