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January 14, 2009


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I'm impressed! I love getting personal cards and notes in the mail - they're so much more exciting and special than email. So even if it is way late, it would touch me that the person had remembered and taken the time to thank me. And Kathleen ... finding a gift list eight months after the event deserves a huge pat on the back, particularly with the challenges of ADD - you must have an organization system that really works.


I do have some systems in place that work really well. Keep my keys in the same place all the time. Have a place to put my bills right away when the mail comes. Put appointments in my calendar and actually look at it.

But I found the birthday list when I was looking for something else in a pile of papers by the piano of somewhat recent origin. Just lucky! I've taken baby steps to set up a better system for dealing with papers, but mostly it's still chaos.

I like getting cards in the mail, too, but I usually send cards by e-mail. Would rather spend the time making something special by adding a photo or choosing a fun font or just working on the writing. Funny how it seems so hard to me these days to deal with envelopes and stamps.

All that said, thanks for your kind comment!

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