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May 06, 2009


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Jerrie Hurd

Managing time with all the e-mail and social media is a problem for anyone and everyone who is trying to maintain an on-line presence. Can eat you up--timewise.

Shari Phiel

I'm just wondering how much micro-blogging and social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace are contributing to ADD. I don't have ADD, but even I have found myself flitting from tweet to tweet, snurl to snurl. Yet I'm constantly battling with my editor at the newspaper where I work - she wants to shorten articles and I want them longer - because I worry that by shortening news stories from an average of 800 words to 500 and now 300 words, we're just feeding into a culture of ever diminishing attention spans. I could google research on ADD and the Internet, but I would probably get distracted by some viral video on YouTube.

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    Why Call It ADD?

    • The name is so wrong. ADD stands for attention deficit disorder, and ADHD adds an H for hyperactivity. I use the former, since I don't have the H thing.

      But a deficit of attention? I think most of us with ADD would agree we have more like a surplus of attention. And a disorder? That leaves out our strengths.

      Still, I use ADD because it's a widely understood term for a useful concept. When you comment on this site, feel free to use whatever term you're comfortable with.


    • If you have ADD, you’ve probably heard plenty of criticism over the years—including from yourself. Enough of that! Here are my requests to those who comment:

      Don't criticize others, give advice, or speculate on others’ motives.

      Do share your own experience, strength, and hope!

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